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Interior Design Vs Fashion Design: Salary, Degree, Job Opportunities And Package

Choosing a job in today’s scenario is indeed no less than rocket science. Yeah, of course, there are plenty of options but that is something which is making things worse! With so many choices available, it gets really troublesome to decide which one of them to go for! On such a note, two of the most trending career options at present include that of fashion designing and interior designing. If you find yourself creative enough and take interest in any of these two genres, you may definitely proceed with your thoughts about making a career in this industry. Both the career choices are equally optimistic.

 and all you need is to follow your passion and have the ability to think out of the box, only then will you have nothing to stop you from growing!

Fashion designing: Qualities required, job opportunities, salary

The term, ‘fashion’ itself is enough to relate to the glitz and glamour. Fashion designing, has thus, become a very trending career option among the people from the younger generation. Fashion designers create all kinds of apparel, including of clothing, accessories, and footwear. The estimated salary of a fashion designer is approximately 4 lacs per annum (as a fresher).

Most aspirants need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field of fashion designing or fashion merchandising and once they own the degree, they would be eligible to find a job in any of the big wholesale or manufacturing establishments. They can even opt for apparel companies, retail houses, theater or dance companies, and in some cases – even the designing firms based on the vacancy available in a particular state or nation, as well as one’s grip over the subject.

No doubt an aspirant needs to be creative, but at the same time, he or she should have the requisite technical knowledge about the production process to assure dream arts turning into a reality. Although the demand for fashion designers alter from one location to another, depending on your field of expertise and the fashion sense of the people out there. However, you should always consider the taste of the locales before counting anything, for that is one of the most significant parameters to decide the demand. No wonder, fusion is always in demand. Locations with a major population of celebrities and fashion-conscious people will prove to be good opportunities for fashion designers to work in!

Interior designing: Qualities required, job opportunities and package

With the growing population, there has been a constant demand in the real estate industries, and interior design consequently seems to follow this sector. If you think yourself to have the right eye for customizing the space, light, color, texture, forms, and pattern, interior designing could be a great industry to make your identity.

The job of an interior designer is not just restricted within a residential complex, but he or she can even find career prospects in designing big corporate buildings, commercial places, retail stores, resorts, hotels, malls, restaurants and more. The future seems to be really bright in this industry, provided that you stay dedicated and focused on your work.

If you are one of those who is both creative and accommodative at the same time, you may find your career opportunity in this field. This profession asks for original art along with a hunch of practical knowledge or technical exposure. You may either teach, be self-employed or practice in a firm, holding an annual package of approx. 4 lacs (as a fresher), wherein experience would count for sure!

The bottom line

As per the above discussion, we got the idea that both the courses have the same value but, you need to choose the right career based on your interest, passion and your dream. And if you want to save money than you can choose government-approved fashion designing colleges in surat and interior designing colleges in surat because there fee structure is very reasonable and reliable in the terms of value.