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The Best Career As A Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is one of the fields that demand is increasing day by day.

Graphics design is an art, using a text photo shape to convey an idea or message in your point of view is called graphics design.

An excellent graphic design can be the identity of any product and brand.

Today when we start a shop, showroom or any business, we want that there should be a good banner, label, logo for our company.

Graphic designer designs all these.

All of the businesses like an advertisement, social media, film house, education and very small or big fields, all require a graphics designer.

So we will see in this blog:

  1. Who can become a Graphic Designer?
  2. How much salary can Graphic Designer achieve?
  3. What is the probability of job opportunities?
  4. Future Scope
  5. Demand in the market
  6. Essential Skills
  7. From where to learn?

So you will get the solution of all these questions further, stay tuned to know more about the graphic designer with us.

1. The first thing is who can become a graphics designer.

  • 10 + 2 Pass / Fail
  • Graduate/Nongraduate
  • People In Business Or Housewife
  • Technical/Nontechnical Person
  • A Working Person Who Is Enthusiastic About Graphic Design

2. How much salary can Graphic Designer achieve?

  • Beginning 7,000 – 15,000 /Month
  • With Experience & Knowledge & Skill, You Can Get Salary Up To 40,000 – 50,000 / Pm. As You Can Increase Your Income By Increasing Experience And Quality Of Work

3. What is the probability of job opportunities?

  • Education Industry
  • Advertising Company
  • Printing And Graphics Company
  • Book And Directory Publisher
  • Film House
  • Television Production
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Photo Editing / Photoshop Artist
  • Government Sector

Two essential things for the graphics designer

  • → Creativity
  • → Passion

4. Future Scope

  • Self-Employed
  • Full / Part-Time
  • Newspaper Company
  • Product Packaging
  • Special Design Services
  • Social Media
  • Study Material
  • Logo Maker
  • Art Director
  • Craft And Fine Artists
  • Desk Top Publisher
  • Drafter
  • Industrial Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Flash Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Creative Art Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Product Designer
  • Out Of The Country
  • Freelancing Work

5. Market Demand

  • We Know That Everything Is Going Digital Today, Maybe Non-Digital Business Will Disappear In Future.
  • Even Our Government Is Support Digitalization By Promoting Digital India.
  • Therefore There Is Demand In India, But Simultaneously There Is Demand In The Whole World Too.

6. Essential Skills

  • Creative Thinker
  • Typography Skills
  • Design Esthetics
  • Understanding Of Colour And Shape
  • Knowledge Of The Latest Trend
  • Time Management Skills
  • Innovative
  • Analytical Skills
  • Artistic Ability
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills

7. From where to learn?

Graphic designers require a certificate from a good institute. So the best institution in Surat, Gujarat is the Red & White Group of Institute.

Red & White is awarded for the best multimedia education bt prime time and the best institute of multimedia in surat by Time of India.

  1. has four branches
  2. 90% Practical 10% Theory
  3. 100% job seeker for the last 12 years
  4. Experienced Professors
  5. 5-year backend support
  6. Conduct industry expert lectures every month